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How much could I earn?

Our current top pick!!!

How much can I expect to save/earn? It really is up to you...If you remember to use the cashback sites for every transaction that you’d normally do anyway, and check the sites regularly for any new deals, it's easy to earn an extra few hundred to several thousand pounds per year. Some of bigger deals like swapping gas/electricity can earn up to £70 a time, and there's no reason why you can’t swap suppliers every few months to get more cashback. (Kev changes his supplier every 3 months!).You can also earn serious money by looking into the deals which involve signing up to online betting accounts or Bingo. Most of these will actually pay you significantly more than you’ll need to get the accounts up and running. For example, a common offer is £25 cashback (placed into your cashback website account) for signing up and playing through £10 - that's a no-brainer! and an instant £15 profit!(plus you could always end up winning when you play through the £10 As Rick did recently when he signed up for a Bingo deal Jammy or what! Hehe).The most important thing to remember with these types of deals is that you only stake the minimum required to qualify for each cashback payment, and if you do win anything, withdraw it and don't be tempted to go back in and lose it all in the casinos/Bingo - as they expect you to! Just play the minimum and then go look for another deal to sign up to.You can also earn cash by applying for credit cards. Sometimes you can get paid up to £40 per card just for applying and being accepted for it, and if you’re really money-savvy you’ll then use that card to benefit from the 0% deals or cashback deals specific to each Credit card - but that’s a whole new ball game! (profitable one….) But something we’ll probably cover on this website in the future.There are always new FREE sign up offers being added to the sites which pay you a little bit of cash just for supplying a name and email address. (sign up to them with an email that you don’t mind getting junk mail in. eg set up a specific Hotmail/ yahoo or equivalent email address and use that for your sign ups).It really is as simple as providing your name and email. Some of the sites will also pay you for reffering your mates to them, so it's worth getting everyone in your household signed up too! For each person that you get signed up you can earn upto £2.50 per person from some cashback sites. It makes sense to try and get your mum, dad, brother, sister, uncle , aunt, best mate, friends….anyone you know involved. You’ll normally get paid a referral fee once they’ve earned at least £5 so get them signed up and then show them how to earn cash the same way as we have on here. Below are the links we’ve sifted through (and believe us we’ve sifted through a lot of crappy sites too!) These are the best paying sites currently on the internet for the UK market. Each of the sites listed below come highly recommended from the Camcorder Bandits and they’ve all helped us generate spare cash to fund our camera equipment. Please Sign up via these links as they’re our personal referral links which will help us keep this site running and enable us to continue to provide you with cash generating opportunities in the future via this site. Sign up, check out some of the deals and earn cash like we’ve showed you so far…pass on your referral link to your buddies and everyone will be better off in the pocket! WIN WIN!