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How to use a Cashback Site

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How to use a Cashback Site The first thing you do is register with a cashback site (We’ve listed our top recommendations below). For most, you just need a username, password and provide an email address (any will do). You’ll also need to indicate how you’d like to be paid (paypal, Bank acct , cheque, vouchers etc…) so you need to ensure you use your real details as these are needed to pay you!Once registered, you will be able use the site to do your online shopping and start earning yourself some spare cash. Whenever you want to buy online, just log in to your cashback site account, find the link to the retailer you want to buy from (usually via a search box), then click the link to that retailer and shop as normal. When the sale is confirmed, the cashback website will receive its commission and then pass some or all of it on to you.TimescalesIt’s worth noting that transactions can sometimes take a while to be confirmed, and you may have to wait between 30 and 90 days before receiving payment from the cashback site.In the meantime it will show on you account as ‘pending’ or something similar. This is to ensure that the transaction was genuine and also to cover for the normal Returns period that you have with any products you buy (They don’t want to be paying you cash for something if you end up sending it back after they’ve payed you…).It's important to remember that each time you want to buy or search for something online, you need to do it through the cashback site if you want to receive cashback for the transaction. You will also need to ensure that your computer settings allow your transactions to be recorded properly and many cashback sites have tracking checkers that can confirm this if you’re not sure.

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