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What is a CashBack site?

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What is a cashback website? If you’ve ever shopped online or purchased any product over the internet, then cashback sites are made for you. They enable you to shop in exactly the same way, with the same retailers, but will PAY you cash for visiting the retailer via their website.They are able to do this because they receive a commission from the retailer for sending you there, even if it's for a free offer. Cashback sites contain lists of product providers and retailers. Once the retailer confirms your visit, purchase or transaction, the cashback site receives thier commission, and passes a proportion or all of it onto you as cashback or rewards. Sometimes it might be just be a small percentage discount (they all add up…) or in some cases you can earn bigger cash payments for signing up to credit cards, changing utilities suppliers, car insurance, home insurance etc….The list goes on.The cash generated from the links goes straight to your cashback website account and builds up over the month (cashback sites normally pay out each month direct to your bank account, Via paypal or some can send Cheques to you). It’s also possible to earn FREE cash from these websites on a daily basis by doing ‘daily Clicks’. This just involves doing a search through a specific search engine and then clicking on a retailer from the results. (you don’t have to buy anything). You can earn anything from 2p to 9p per click. Do this for a couple of minutes each day and the cash will soon build up.

CB's Bonus Tip...Check out this website that pays you for searching the internet. Every search you do you get paid!! It`s quick and free to set up, keeps you up to date on your earnings and pays out monthly

How to use a Cashback site